18 Best ways to Control your Blood Pressure

The fast-paced life that we all live in today has made us victims of so many diseases like high/low blood pressure, obesity, slip disc, diabetes, and not to forget anxiety or depression. All of us have heard, read or been victims of such new-age diseases. The only good news that makes us go through these difficult times is science and technology. Ironically, the thing that is making us diseased is also the thing that is helping us to get rid of them. The modern methodologies and technology have given us immense discretion of its innovation that we can use at our own comforts like blood pressure monitor, or diabetes monitoring machines, or pills that keep all the stress away by inducing happy hormones into our system.

As mentioned above, there are many life-threatening diseases that we are easily prone to but today we will share the various ways which will help you in tackling blood pressure. High blood pressure is a critical condition that can directly affect your heart if left unchecked. However, the good news is that you can do a number of things to make sure that you have lower blood pressure naturally, without taking any medications.

Listed below are 18 natural ways that can help you lower the blood pressure:-

  1. Walk and Exercise regularly: Regular exercise and walking ensure that your heart gets stronger and more efficient to pump blood in your arteries. Your heart becomes healthier as walking reduces the pressure in your arteries. Walking is not only the solution for a healthy heart but it works wonder on both your mental and physical health. Just 20-30 minutes of walk daily can help you keep various diseases away.
  2. Cutting the intake of salt or sodium in your diet: Many studies and researches have shown that people around the world intake a lot of sodium through processed and prepared foods. It is believed that high sodium consumption could lead to high blood pressure and maybe a stroke. Thus, it is necessary that we carefully measure the amount of sodium that we consume on a daily basis. However, it should also be clear that some people do not get affected by high quantities of salt in their body because their body might process it in a much better way. So, if your body is salt-sensitive, you should steer clear of it otherwise, you are good to go.
  3. Cutting the intake of alcohol: It is been said time and again that alcohol does more bad to your body than good. It increases the blood pressure levels, messes with the hormones, and is also the reason why people gain fat. Thus, it should be kept in mind that drinking one glass per day for women and two for men is the minimum intake one should have. If you are drinking more than that then you should cut down immediately.
  4. Consume more and more potassium-rich food items: It goes without saying that potassium is an integral mineral and it helps your body to excrete excess sodium. The modern processed food items have high sodium and low potassium which messes the digestion system of your body. Thus, it is mandatory that you include fresh vegetables and fruits coupled with dairy products and seeds in your daily diet.
  5. Consume less caffeine: As strange as it may sound, caffeine does affect the blood pressure but that spike does not remain for longer durations. However, it should be noted that it will only affect you if you are caffeine sensitive or do not consume it on a daily basis. Also, excess of anything is harmful. If you don a lot of caffeine on a daily basis, cutting it down is the best possible solution.
  6. Managing Stress: This is one more thing that we go through on a daily basis. Many studies around the world have shown that people of every age and gender are victims of stress. Though, it does not mean that you cannot learn how to cope up with it. This one thing will never leave your side if you do not learn how to manage it. It easily spikes up your blood pressure, makes your body bloat and messes up with your entire body.
  7. Including more dark chocolate or cocoa in your diet: Yes, you read it right. Eating dark chocolate can help in lowering blood pressure. Various studies have shown that dark chocolate contains a plant compound called flavonoid which causes the blood vessels to dilate. However, keep in mind, moderation is the key.
  8. Shed those extra kilos off your body: This is nothing new that you are reading. When we gain weight our body gets under the pressure and the organs do not perform better. If you weigh more than your ideal body weight, it is time that you understand that every organ of your body is under dire pressure. Thus, it is important that you lose weight and it will have a better impact if you exercise. This will significantly lower your blood pressure.
  9. Say No to Smoking: Vigorous smoking can lead to irreparable heart diseases. It is found that smoking gives you a temporary euphoria and increases the blood pressure levels and it contains many chemicals that directly or indirectly affect the heart.
  10. Removing added sugar and Refined Carbs from the diet: Refined carbs and sugar mess up with your blood pressure levels. It is been found in various researches that if you eat a low-carb diet, your blood pressure levels also lower down.
  11. Try meditating and deep-breathing: Both these techniques not only help in lowering blood pressure but are proven to be very helpful in reducing stress as well. When you meditate, it activates the parasympathetic nervous system which in turn relaxes your entire body. This helps in lowering the blood pressure and strengthens your heart.
  12. Get good sleep: Again, sleep is a way of recharging your body and if you cut down on it your body gets restless and do not function properly. Thus, it is of paramount importance that you always make sure that you get a good and sound sleep.
  13. Consume high protein foods: Many long-term studies have proven that eating a high-protein diet can lower blood pressure. However, one should consult a doctor as high-protein diets are not for everyone.
  14. Eat natural supplements: There is no harm in taking supplements if your diet cannot give you all the minerals. Natural supplements like aged garlic extract, berberine, fish oil, and whey protein, all these are healthy sources of protein which will help in maintaining the blood pressure levels.
  15. Consume Magnesium-rich foods: Magnesium is a pertinent mineral that helps in relaxing the blood vessels. So, if you have a blood pressure issue, it is advised that you consume food items like legumes and whole grains.
  16. Monitor your Blood Pressure regularly: It is advised that you keep a tab on your blood pressure. Checking it on a daily basis helps you maintain it if needed and you avoid chronic situations. There are plenty of blood pressure machines available in the markets that are easy, safe and accurate.
  17. Avoid Sitting for Longer Durations: Sitting for long hours can directly damage your heart. Thus, it is suggested that you keep yourself active and you move around every few hours so that the blood circulation in your body remains flawless.
  18. Consult a doctor if you Snore: Snoring is a very common phenomenon that we encounter. Someone in our family snores. It is advised that you see a doctor immediately if the snoring persists or gets louder as it directly affects the heart.

If you keep practicing even half of these steps, your life would be much easier and stress-free. It is important that we understand that we would not be able to do anything else if we are not healthy. Therefore, inculcating the above-mentioned measures in your routine life will help you a great deal.

How to pick the right blood pressure monitoring machine?

When we talk about closely monitoring your blood pressure on a daily basis, it is important that you know which the best blood pressure checking machine is. Whether you buy it online or you purchase it from a medical store, you must know which one is the best.

  1. Always select a machine that can easily slide up to your upper arm. Wrist and finger monitors are not that accurate.
  2. With the advancement in technology, there are machines that are fully automatic and their cuffs inflate themselves.
  3. Always make sure that the output screen shows clear and bright readings.
  4. There are various automatic digital blood pressure monitor that help you to transfer your blood pressure readings to your smartphone.

Make sure you keep these points in your mind while buying a blood pressure monitor the next time.

How to use a blood pressure monitor?

One should always make sure that he/she follows the correct steps to measure the blood pressure to avoid any kind of mishap.

  1. Make sure not to consume any caffeinated or alcoholic beverage 30 minutes before the check-up.
  2. Before testing the blood pressure, sit in a relaxed position with your back supported and legs uncrossed for about five minutes.
  3. Make sure that your upper arm is at or near your heart level when measuring the bp.
  4. Always wrap the cuff on bare skin.
  5. Keep quiet when monitoring the blood pressure.
  6. It is always advised that you take at least two readings and take their average to know the most accurate blood pressure reading.
  7. Always maintain a record of your daily blood pressure readings.

Blood pressure is on the verge of becoming an epidemic but it is in your hands to work on your body and to take strict measures to control it before it gets out of your hand. Be active and be healthy.

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